Lab Technician

Job Description 

Lumen is seeking a highly motivated, innovative Laboratory Technician.

The Laboratory Technician will work with and support scientists in the Physiology research and development team. The work will involve several projects aimed at culturing Lumen’s spirulina-based platform organism for improved growth and heterologous protein expression attributes as well as assessing these characteristics in various strains. The individual will be engaged in activities focused primarily monitoring growth and protein expression of strains in bioreactors under various run conditions.

The candidate is also expected to independently perform and learn new laboratory techniques, use specialized laboratory instruments, perform delicate manual procedures, follow and apply standard laboratory protocols and procedures and provide reliable, independent, and versatile support to biotechnology research.

The position requires ability to work as a team member and assist other laboratory personnel as needed.

The position requires strong organizational skills and meticulous laboratory record keeping. Effective communication skills are crucial in coordinating with Lumen’s research and production scientists, in providing status updates, and in raising quality or troubleshooting issues as they may arise.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

The major tasks for this position are as follows;

  • Engineer new spirulina strain conditions for enhanced growth and protein expression characteristics.
  • Characterize and maintain spirulina strains with improved attributes.
  • Work with scientists to develop and deploy methods to genetically engineer strains in a high-throughput or targeted fashion.
  • Perform growth assays and maintain live cultures at scales from 1 mL – 300 L.
  • Follow established protocols and optimizes and/or develop new protocols as needed,
  • Proper and timely reporting to supervisors and team members following Lumen’s reporting policies.
  • Willingness to learn new techniques, protocols, instruments and software.
  • Work well independently and in collaboration with various teams in the organization.
  • Maintain accurate and well-organized laboratory notebooks.
  • Respect laboratory safety policies and practices
  • All Lab Techs are expected to support Lab Operations with 10% of their time

Desired Qualifications and Requirements 

Education and Experience:

  • BA/BS degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, or related field of study
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in microbial culturing, biochemistry, and/or biotechnology laboratory work.
  • Experience in culturing and maintaining microbial strains required.
  • Experience operating microbial bioreactors strongly preferred.
  • Experience in performing microbial growth assays preferred.
  • Experience with algae and/or cyanobacteria culturing preferred.

The successful candidate will have the following attributes

  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Self-starter, able to contribute effectively in a fast-changing environment
  • The ability to work both independently and in a team-oriented environment
  • High integrity and ethics
  • Commitment to quality and timely delivery of results

Physical Requirements

  • Sit for extended periods of time (2 or more hours)
  • Occasionally lift or carry up to 50 lbs. with assistance.
  • Perform delicate manual procedures in the laboratory

Application Instructions

Please submit a resume and cover letter to with the job title in the subject line.

This position is available immediately. Applications will be reviewed upon receipt. Only successful applicants will be contacted.