Lumen Bioscience commercially partners with pharmaceutical companies to discover, develop, and manufacture biologic drugs for highly prevalent diseases—many of which currently lack any effective treatments. Pharmaceutical companies choose Lumen’s unique development and GMP biomanufacturing technology platform due to accelerated time from concept to clinic, and the low cost of developing and manufacturing our biologic drugs compared to conventional approaches. These breakthroughs have attracted commercial partners such as large pharmaceutical companies as well as funding support from a wide range of public sector and non-governmental organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, BARDA, NIH/NIAID, the US Department of Energy, CARB-X, and the US Army Medical Research and Development Command.

In addition to its high-throughput strain engineering facility and advanced protein engineering and optimization capabilities, Lumen Bioscience has a fully integrated, on premise, dedicated cGMP production facility with capacity for several kilograms of drug product per week. 

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